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From Presence To Citizenship 2021 Webinar Recording (Plus Survey) Now Available

Our goal for the January 27 session was 50 registrations from leaders of Developmental Services agencies across Ontario, and we were very pleased to have 71 registrations of which 60 were in attendance. We have made the full 90 minutes plus Q&A available via video, and we are leaving the feedback survey open, so those who watch on YouTube or Facebook can still contribute. It is only four questions and takes only two minutes, and we truly value what you have to say.

For those who would like to view the webinar in segments, or perhaps you would like to share and discuss a particular section with your staff team, board, family association, or advocacy group, under the video itself (please see below) we have provided the links to start the video at particular sections of the webinar.

Thank you to all who participated and please note that if you had to leave the webinar at the 90 minute mark, the Q&A that followed is included in the video recording below.

From Presence To Citizenship 2021 – 90 minutes of presentations plus 15 minutes of Q&A

Welcome: Who’s Who? Keenan Wellar, LiveWorkPlay 00:05

Introduction: David Chalmers, Nexus Human Capital 06:15

What is FPTC: Jim Turner, CL Atikokan and Maurice Voisin, SEGSS 09:45

Guiding Philosophy: Deb Everley, KACL 18:25

The Journey, What We Seek To Accomplish: John Policicchio, CL Algoma 27:50

ABCD, Belonging, Just Enough Support: Deb Cavers, CL Brant and Keenan Wellar 43:50

Home Sweet Home: Tina Williams, CL Upper Ottawa Valley, Marg McLean, CL St Marys 58:40

Let’s Talk Employment: Deb Cavers, Keenan Wellar 1:00:10

What Next? Let’s Connect! Maurice and Jim 1:25:30

Question & Answer 1:28:40